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With its continued drug scandals, YG Entertainment is now facing bitter criticism from the public. Although the agency’s owner has stepped down, the negative sentiment against YG Entertainment keeps growing, and even a petition has been filed to the presidential office urging the government to ban the celebrities in question, from continuing their careers.
YG Entertainment founded by former K-pop star Yang Hyun-suk has produced numerous stars including the boy band Big Bang. It’s one of the top three entertainment agencies in the nation along with SM and JYP. The agency’s doldrums began with singer G-Dragon’s marijuana scandal in 2011. YG even earned the nickname “YG Drugstore” after singer Park Bom of group 2NE1 was busted for narcotics smuggling. YG made headlines yet again for a marijuana scandal involving singer T.O.P. of Big Bang and the Burning Sun club scandal involving singer Seungri of the same group. Recently, singer B.I. of the boy band iKon was accused of using LSD. YG’s chief producer, Yang Hyun-suk, eventually announced his resignation, but it was too late, as many of the fans have already turned away from YG and its celebrities.
[Soundbite] CHO HYUNG-JOO(INCHEON RESIDENT) : “The anti-YG campaign will continue unless this problem is resolved regardless of Yang Hyun-suk’s resignation. The fundamental cause must be found.”
The outraged public went on to draft a black list of YG artists and exclude them when playing songs on music sites. Some critics say this situation is the result of Yang Hyun-suk’s business philosophy, which prioritizes skills over virtues.
[Soundbite] G-DRAGON(MEMBER OF BIG BANG(“HAPPY TOGETHER 3”, KBS, 2015)) : “There are security cameras in our agency. They always text or call us when we’re spotted dozing off to scold us.”
Each time the company’s stars were embroiled in scandals, the agency turned a blind eye to their wrongdoings.
[Soundbite] KIM HEON-SHIK(POPULAR CULTURE CRITIC) : “Management agencie