XOXO, Gossip Girl | LIFESTYLE and insane GLOW UP

Hello, Upper East Siders and welcome to my channel! This is a subliminal that is heavily inspired by the iconic Gossip Girl series. It includes life-changing lifestyle and glow up affirmations that are extremely exaggerated and repeated a ton of times. Hope you like it.

(Benefits are listed in the comments.)

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• Listening 2-4 times a day is enough.
• Drink a lot of water, 8 glasses is the right amount.
• Apply the Law Of Attraction and have belief.
• Don’t obsess over it. Detach and let go after listening.
• Affirmations are positive and safe.
• I am not accepting requests for now.

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• ’02 liner.
• Not born in the right era, ex DEE.
• Organized girl wannabe but failing miserably.
• Love subs.
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