Why Gossip Is Toxic for your Career

“Can you believe Sharon omg…”

“I heard he cheated on her and now they’re getting a divorce…”

“You’ll never believe what Bob told me the other day…”

When we are gossiping, it’s just not “nice” – it’s not positive, inspiring, or good. It might be a little bit satisfying to be right about someone or something, but all that secretive chatter is powerful, and not in a good way. You bring momentum to whatever you dislike, and funny enough, it draws more of that to you.

I am telling you that it hurts you and others – and more importantly, it doesn’t get you whatever you really want.

It’s destructive because it pulls your energy into a spiral of negativity. Whatever you focus on, you’re creating more of.

If you’re bitching around the watercooler about whatever you dislike, or going on and on about “this is so unfair” – boom, you have a life of more unfairness.

“Dating in this town is so hard” – you’re creating a life of difficulty with your complaining.

“I don’t think she deserves the position, I’ve been working so hard…” – Tada! You get a life of competition, comparison, and more complaining.

It’s alright that some things might elicit your gossip response – but my vote is that you let them go on around you without engaging in this bad habit. Diminishing others isn’t what powerful, successful, satisfied, and more importantly – HAPPY people actually do. If you want to be uplifted, you should try to be uplifting wherever you go.

I created my businesses because I got past the noise of gossip and speculation – if I fed the monster of what’s not possible, I’d never be where I am today.

So watch what’s coming out of your mouth, because that creates a whole world – a whole life – of either positivity or negativity. If you want a life full of good stuff, tune all of that out, and set your intention on what you WANT. When you focus there, unbelievable things happen.

Life is too short to gossip – so it’s time to train yourself to stop participating in it.


Wishbeads founder Alexa Fischer is an actress, coach, author, and motivational speaker whose work helps people go after their dreams, build their confidence, and break free from fear. Using online courses, private coaching, and her goal-setting jewelry line, Alexa’s work has reached tens of thousands of people. She has shared her techniques with future leaders at the Girls Athletic Leadership School and current leaders at companies like Trader Joe’s, SONY, Google, PepsiCo, and IBM. Her Wishbeads jewelry is carried in boutiques around the country and has been worn by celebrities, friends, and folks young and old.

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