While TMC, Congress Eye On Brahmin Votes, BJP Continues Its Alliance With Backwards In North Bengal

The West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee announced a stipend of Rs 1,000 per month for Hindu priests on Monday. This apart, she added that the Bengal Housing Scheme will be extended to those priests who do not own a house.

Making another announcement, Banerjee said, “Similar academies for tribal people and members of the Dalit communities will be set up to help them preserve and spread their culture and heritage.”
The culturally important Baishnupur town, which incidentally is in Bankura where the BJP won the Lok Sabha seat in 2019, figures prominently in the chief minister’s new plans.

The appointment of Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury is good news for the BJP. That’s because Chowdhury is a known Mamata Banerjee-baiter and an ardent advocate of an electoral tie up with the Left in Bengal. As the Bengal Pradesh Congress chief, Chowdhury is sure to up the ante against the Trinamool.

One of the primary challenges facing the BJP in Bengal is the apathy, if not antipathy, of the Bengali bhadralok class — the urban Hindu middle class and upper caste Bengali who is usually left-leaning — towards the saffron party.

The many decades of being subjected to leftist propaganda has left most of the Bengali bhadralok class in the ‘left-liberal’ group.
The bhadralok class, concentrated mostly in Kolkata and the urban pockets of south Bengal, has been Left, and then Trinamool supporter.

Though the BJP has been making steady inroads into this class, the Trinamool still holds sway over them. South Bengal is, thus, a Trinamool bastion that the BJP may find difficult to storm, in the run up to the Assembly polls due nine months from now.

But the BJP needn’t be very worried. Because, it has already stitched an alliance with backwards, tribals and indigenous communities, who can be collectively called Bengal’s long-neglected and exploited subalterns.

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