Wetpaint Asks, You Answer: Bones Battle of the Hotties

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Hey, Bones fans! I’m Jager from and I’m here to spill your poll results in this Bones Battle of the Hotties Edition…

We asked who’s hotter: David Boreanaz’s Angel from Buffy or David Boreanaz’s Seeley Booth… you answered “Booth! David looks better and better every day.” Agreed.

We asked you who’s hotter: Emily Deschanel of Bones or Stana Katic of rival show, Castle…. you answered “Stana Katic, all the way!” Sorry, Bones.

We asked you who your Bones nerd-boy crush is… you answered, “Hodgins — no contest!”

We asked you who your favorite Bones babe is… you answered “Angela, of course.” Well, then!

Thanks for voting in our polls! Keep ’em coming… And don’t forget to check for all the latest exclusives, gossip, and spoilers. See ya!