Wetpaint Asks, You Answer: All About The Bachelor!

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What’s up, Bachelor fans! Jager here from and I’m here to deliver your results from some of our fun Bachelor polls…

We asked you who you think should be the next Bachelor… you answered Ian Somerhalder of The Vampire Diaries. Psssh. Keep dreamin’, ladies.

We asked you which “successful” couple from any of the Bachelor franchises was your favorite… you answered Chris Lambton and Peyton Wright… hey, no one said you had to be on the same season to fall in love!

We asked you how you felt about Bachelor Tabloid Gossip… you answered that you don’t want to read the one-sided, negative stories that come out. Good for you guys!

Thanks for voting in our polls! And don’t forget to check for all the latest exclusives, gossip, and spoilers. Ciao for now!