US to Boost Military Footprint in Europe | NATO Calls Russia's Ukraine War Biggest Crisis Since WWII

Russia’s missile strikes on Ukraine’s eastern and southern front continued on June 29, as per Kyiv. Ukraine claims it shot down over the Odesa Region a Russian Kh-22 missile launched from a Tu-22 bomber. Ukraine’s Operational Command “South” said that it destroyed Russia’s URAGAN MLRS and other military equipment on June 29. Moscow’s military-civilian administration in Kherson says it is preparing for a referendum on joining Russia. In his virtual address to NATO’s summit in Spain, Zelensky said the ongoing conflict is “a war for the right to dictate conditions in Europe”. Zelensky also told NATO leaders that Ukraine needs modern weapons and more financial aid in its fight against Russia’s invasion. NATO chief Stoltenberg said Russia’s war is the most “serious security crisis” in decades and the “biggest challenge” to the alliance. US President Joe Biden said the US will bolster its forces in Europe amid Russian aggression in the region. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that Moscow is not intimidated by Biden’s announcement of military build-up.
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