Update America | 01 Nov 2022 | Harjot S Khalsa and Rajkaranbir Singh

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Update America | 01 Nov 2022 | Harjot S Khalsa and Rajkaranbir Singh | update America news

In this video, Harjot S Khalsa and Rajkaranbir Singh discuss the current state of America and the upcoming elections.

On 01 Nov 2022, Harjot S Khalsa and Rajkaranbir Singh will be discussing the latest updates on America in this live video update. This video is essential viewing for anyone who wants to know what’s happening in America, and the state of the elections!
– Supreme Court temporarily blocks Congress from getting Trump income tax returns
– Brazil: Truckers block roads as Bolsonaro remains silent,
Jair Bolsonaro has yet to publicly comment after losing Sunday’s election to Lula da Silva. In the wake of the vote, truckers who supported Bolsonaro have caused roadblocks in almost every state.
– Supreme Court Seems Ready to Throw Out Race based admissions, The court’s conservative majority could prohibit consideration of race in admissions, a policy that colleges and universities say is essential to ensure diversity on campus.
– Stocks Are Up, But Cracks Are Starting to Show as Investors Wait for the Next Fed Meeting
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