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Episode 2: A Party & a Latte story
(Selena’s POV)
I layed on my bed for a couple of hours. I was remembering the good times I had with Nick. Then I felt my phone vibrate. I flip it open and saw a text “Couple Party Tonight at the East Boys Building Pool.” I closed my
phone & stood up. I wasn’t going to stay all day, laying on my bed, eating cookie dough ice cream, watching stupid love movies with my phone next to me waiting for Nick to call.I was going to that party.

I went to my closet and got out some white shorts, a pair of flip-flops, a red tank top & and my swiming bath. I stuffed all in a bag and ran to the South Boys Building.

I entered the bulding and went to the tenth room to the left. I knocked on the door.

(David’s POV)
After my last class I spotted Cody and Zac talking. I walked towards them. “Hey Man” Cody said. We did our little hand-shake. “Hey you going to the party tonight?” Zac asked. “heck yeah. me and demi all wet.” Cody answer
smirking. “I don’t know. Maybe.” I told him. “Well. Catch you up later. “Zac yelled while leaving. “Well I better be going too. I have a “meeting” with Alyson.”Cody said. Then he winked and left. He was cheating on Demi with
Alyson……Meghan,Ana,Ella,Cindy & Victoria. I walked to my dorm. I threw my backpack on my bed & grabbed a water bottle. I layed on my chair while reading Twilight. selena gave me the whole saga for my birthday.

After a Couple of minutes I heard someone knock on the door. I opened the door and saw Selena standing there with a bag on her hand. She looked beautiful. As usual.I smiled.

(Nick’s POV)
I was walking to my dorm. Last class I was making out with Miley and we decided we were going together to the party. I stoped at the coffe cart. I ordered a latte. selena & I used to ordered lattes all the time. But that was before me & Miley got together. Then it hit me. I had a “friend date” with
Selena.I totally forgot about it. i grabbed my phone and dialed Selena’s number. “Answere it please” was the only thing on my mind.

(Selena’s POV)
David opened the door smiling. “Hi” I said. “Hey come in”David replied. I walked towards his bed. Then I stopped. “Um..David I was wondering if you wanted to go to the Party with me tonight.” I said hoping he would say yes. I was planning to make Nick jelous with David at the party. Because it was obvious he was going to the party with his fake girlfirend instead of going to the movies with me. But don’t get me wrong I wasn’t using David. I really
wanted to go with him. i mean his vute,funnysensitive & HOT. “Of course. I would lovw to go to the party with you.” he answered.I smiled & hugged him.”Thanks.I’ll be back in a bit. I’m just going for a latte.” I sais while opening the door.

(David’s POV)
Selena left. i smiled to my slef. Then i saw her phone on the floor. I picked it up & it started ringing. I answered it.

Who is calling Selena???
Will Selena’s Plan work??
How will the Party Go??
Your Favorite Series??
A)Gossip Girl
B)One Tree Hill
C)Wizards of Waverly Place
D)Hannah Montana
E)Sonny with A ChanceComment, rate & Subscribe


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