Tragic Details Revealed About Angelina Jolie

Angelia Jolie’s impressie rise to fame was notoriously strange and difficult. From her first acting gig in 1982 at the age of seven, Jolie was destined for celebrity, and not just because of the Hollywood legacy she came from. Today, she’s known just as much for action films as she is for fantasy and drama movies, as well as her humanitarian work across the globe.

But along the way, Jolie faced family troubles, self-harm, mental illness, drug abuse, and a few harmful relationships. Though she earned her reputation as a “wild child” in Hollywood, Jolie’s evolution into a strong Hollywood presence hasn’t gone unnoticed. But it wasn’t easy. Here are some tragic details revealed about Angelina Jolie.

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Dad left when she was one | 0:00
Struggling with anorexia | 1:17
Knife fascination | 2:42
Helping mom | 3:56
A dangerous depression | 4:51
Open about her drug use | 6:06
Lucky to be alive | 7:32
Reconciling with dad | 8:47
Jon Voight’s ‘unforgivable’ interview | 10:00
Trust | 11:03
Preventative surgery | 12:16
Divorce and isolation | 13:24
Missing her mother | 14:35
Finally made up with her dad? | 15:43

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