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Top Convention Cities In The USA. If you are having a convention, trade show, company party, association event or other function here is a list of top convention cities in the United States. This video was brought to you by motivational speaker, keynote speaker, corporate entertainer, John Pullum. If you are looking for a professional speaker or corporate entertainment for your convention or other corporate or association event, keep John Pullum in mind.

1. Chicago, IL
2. Las Vegas, NV
3.Orlando, FL
4. Washington, DC
5. Atlanta, GA
6. Dallas, TX
7. San Francisco, CA
8. Nashville, TN
9. San Diego, CA
10. New Orleans, LA
11. Denver, CO
12. San Antonio, TX
13. Phoenix — Mesa – Scottsdale, AZ
14. Los Angeles — Long Beach, CA
15. Boston, MA
16. Philadelphia, PA
17. Tampa — St Petersburg — Clearwater, FL
18. Austin-San Marcos, TX
19. New York, NY
20. Seattle, WA
21. Detroit, MI
22. St Louis, MO
23. Riverside — San Bernardino, CA
24. Minneapolis — St Paul, MN
25. Houston, TX


Hi this motivational speaker keynote speaker and corporate entertainer John Pullum with my list of top convention cities in the USA. Now this list isn’t in any particular order so here we go. Chicago Illinois, Las Vegas Nevada, Orlando Florida, Washington, DC, Atlanta Georgia, Dallas Texas, San Francisco California, Nashville Tennessee, San Diego California, New Orleans Louisiana, Denver Colorado, San Antonio Texas, Phoenix Arizona and Scottsdale Arizona, Los Angeles California and Long Beach California, Boston Massachusetts, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Tampa Florida, St. Petersburg Florida and Clearwater Florida, Austin Texas, New York New York and last but certainly not least Seattle Washington. If you’re looking for a motivational speaker, a keynote speaker or some corporate entertainment for any of these events, please keep me in mind. For more information visit That’s P U L L U M dot com. In the meantime check out what my clients have to say about me. John Pullum is really great to work with, it was a made, everything about booking him much more pleasurable. Then he got here, he engaged the audience, he got the interacting with him I got so many comment on their way out, they thought that was awesome, that was great. What am I gonna do next to the event I have no idea, maybe I just had to bring John back. it was a made, everything about booking him This is Alan Reed with Reed’s Dairy. I’m responsible for finding speakers for the Idaho Milk Processor’s Association annual meeting and we had John Pullum today. He was just amazing. He had the audience all together. Had a great time with him and delivered, besides his entertainment, a great motivational message that will really help the members of our group go forward and do better with their jobs. He provided a wonderful entertainment, everybody was involved in his presentation and for me, it just made things really great because everybody really appreciated, John being able to be here with us they thanked me for having him come and bringing him in to our meeting and so, if you want somebody that really brings a great message and wonderful entertainment and just really will add to your meeting, we just appreciate John Pullum being here. He is the one that will really make a difference for you. Hi my name is Kathy Frazier. John Pullum, just finished up his entertainment with our group. We are the van line, which is across United States. Our CEO kinda delivered of some kind of down news and John turned it around and he made a message very uplifting. Now, not only that, he kept our group thoroughly entertained and amazed. So, we really appreciate everything he did for our group.

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