Top 10 Ships Project – CLOSED

Everyone is like obsessed and it’s all over YT and I finally get time so why not? I know it’s a little too late but I’m joining this project and I would like you all to vote couples you like. Top 10 couples will get a video from me and I swear that I will try my best πŸ™‚

Rules: Pick your favourite couples and write them in comments. You can vote for approximately 5 couples but I will be happy if you pick even only one or two couples πŸ™‚


American Horror Story – Tate&Violet

Arrow – Oliver&Laurel

Gossip Girl – Nate&Blair, Chuck&Blair, Dan&Blair, Blair&Louis, Blair&Carter, Carter&Serena, Nate&Juliet, Nate&Serena, Dan&Serena

Harper’s Island – Trish&Henry

Misfits – Simon&Alisha, Rudy&Alex

Once Upon a Time – Snow&Charming, Rumple&Belle, Emma&Neal, Emma&Grant

One Tree Hill – Brooke&Lucas, Nathan&Haley, Nathan&Peyton, Chase&Alex,
Chase&Brooke, Brooke&Julian, Brooke&Nathan

Pretty Little Liars – Spencer&Toby, Caleb&Hanna, Spencer&Wren, Hanna&Wren, Spencer&Ian, Jason&Aria

Skins – Cook&Effy, Freddie&Effy

Supernatural – Dean&Ruby, Sam&Ruby, Dean&Bela, Sam&Bela, Dean&Jo

Teen Wolf – Jackson&Lydia, Scott&Allison, Lydia&Peter, Stiles&Lydia

The Secret Circle – Faye&Jake, Lee&Faye, Adam&Diana, Adam&Cassie, Adam&Faye, Jake&Cassie, Diana&Grant, Adam&Melissa

The Vampire Diaries – Klaus&Caroline, Damon&Meredith, Damon&Elena/Katherine, Stefan&Elena/Katherine, Elijah&Elena/Katherine, Klaus&Elena/Katherine, Klaus&Hayley, Caroline&Matt, Rebekah&Matt, Rebekah&Stefan

True Blood – Sookie&Eric, Eric&Nora, Jason&Jessica