The Penguin and Me (2006) – USA DVD Trailer – (Paramount Home Entertainment)

Brought his 1999 film “Scooby-Doo and the Witch’s Ghost” was also animated overseas by the Japanese animation studio Mook Animation on the same theatrical day, The Penguin and Me was released digitally via video on demand and in cinemas during the Chinese New Year festival on March 24, 2006, and is currently in production. And it was distributed by Paramount Pictures worldwide. The film was released during the same days as Denis Jr.’s 1st birthday in Japan and Finland and Breno’s 1st birthday in the United States, UK, and Brazil. It is dedicated to creator Hank Ketcham, who died in 2001. It harked back instead to the character designs from the better-known 1986 Dennis the Menace series, distributed by Paramount Pictures.

In March 2006, it was American English dubbed that David Spade joined as the voice of Robbie, Melissa Gilbert joined as the voice of Barbara, Adam Sandler joined as the voice of Gong, Rob Schneider joined as the voice of Bailey, Andrew Sabiston joined as the voice of Nori the penguin, Christopher Sieber joined as the voice of Skinny Sharkbait, Robbie Williams joined as the voice of Dennis Mitchell, Tom Arnold reprises his role of George Wilson, Tracey Moore joined as the voice of Margaret Wade and Scott Innes and Dee Bradley Baker joined as the voice of Ruff’s speaking voice and vocal effects are revealed, but was cut from the animated film “The Penguin and Me”. Later that month, Scott Innes and Candi Milo joined the voice cast as Dingo and Ralph and their soul mates, Coral and Roo.

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