The Dangers of Making Everyone Too Pretty for Screen

Is it a problem that Hollywood’s stars are too beautiful – especially when they’re playing real people? It’s no surprise that the entertainment industry values attractiveness. But sometimes, there are drawbacks to casting a pretty person as a particular character. From The Dropout to Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, these days we’re seeing more and more portrayals of real people onscreen – often antiheroic ones who are ethically compromised, if not downright villainous. Here’s our take on the dangers of making everyone too beautiful onscreen – and when it can sometimes work for the story.

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00:00 Why are real-life baddies played by such attractive actors?
01:12 We love watching gorgeous actors
05:43 The dangers of making killers too pretty
11:08 Beauty to monster makeovers
12:30 The ethics of “based on real events” storytelling