running up that hill I draco&hermione

Birthday Week Day Four! Dramione won Second Place in the poll with 193 votes. This is a weredragon AU (which I’ve already done on my channel before but whatever) and was very loosely inspired by an old abandoned Dramione fic called Burning Hunger by Vashka and also the Russian film Он – дракон (On – drakón) which I used a lot of for this video. The storyline is basically Draco is a shapeshifting dragon and Hermione is offered to him as a sacrifice, he takes her to his lair (?) and they eventually fall in love and have a son. Draco makes her leave as he doesn’t want her to feel like a prisoner anymore. Some time passes, he misses her so badly he leaves a message in the sky for her to see and she comes back to him.


song: running up that hill by placebo
coloring: hearts by nat salvatore
footage: On – drakón, harry potter, the musketeers, noah, murder in the first, colonia, gossip girl, beauty and the beast, against the sun, full circle