Recap – Mohabbat Chor Di Maine – Episode 42 – 13th November 2021 – HAR PAL GEO

Recap – Mohabbat Chor Di Maine – Episode 42 – 13th November 2021 – HAR PAL GEO

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Consumed with a dark past and experiences of unjust behaviour, Komal is an overly emotional girl and has a complex personality. Her constant emotional instability and selfish behaviour take a toll on those around her..

Despite the bitterness of the past, Komal is now happily married to Omar and have a seven-year-old daughter together. Komal takes pride in the life that she has built for herself and the way Omar and her in-laws are in her control. However, Komal’s so-called perfect world comes crashing down when she learns about Omar’s alternative life that he has been living for many months. Shocked to see her pride and ego-shattering, Komal chooses to not become a victim and decides to entangle Omar in the web of lies and mental torture.

After Komal’s sense of intricate and complex planning, will she realize the root cause of all her problems? Will she or those around her be able to acknowledge the loneliness that lies within her?

Written by: Naila Ansari

Directed by: Shaqielle Khan

Produced by: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi

Production house: 7TH Sky Entertainment

Cast :
Hajra Yamin AS Komal
Mohsin Abbas Haider AS Omar
Farhan Malhi AS Hazim
Mariyam Nafees AS Sehar
Seemi Pasha AS Shehnaz
Tariq Jameel AS Mohsin
Zainab Qayyum AS Tabinda
Fareeha Jabeen AS Fouzia
Haris Waheed AS Bazil
Rushna Khan AS Zaini
Mohsin Aijaz AS Sarfaraz
Minahil Naveed (Child Artist) AS Faiza