Reax to Berlusconi telling gossip magazine he doesn't pay for sex

(24 Jun 2009) SHOTLIST
1. Wide newspapers
2. Close up on “Chi”, Italian weekly magazine, owned by Berlusconi’s group, with Berlusconi and his nephew as cover photo; Headline reading: (Italian) “Now it is my turn to talk: Italian prime minister for the first time talks about the hot issues of his private life”
3. Close up on “La Repubblica”, headline reading: (Italian) “Berlusconi says: D’Addario has been manoeuvred.”
4. Close up on picture of Patrizia D’Addario, a woman who said she was paid to attend a party at the premier’s residence in Rome in October 2008, and then returned November 4 and stayed the night.
5. Close up “La Stampa”, daily newspaper, tilt up from photo of Berlusconi with his son Piersilvio, daughter Marina and to headline, reading (Italian) Berlusconi strikes out: I never paid for women.”
6. Close up “Corriere della Sera” headlines, reading (Italian) “Berlusconi strikes back: I never paid for women.”
7. Close up photo of Berlusconi with US President Barack Obama
8. Mid of photo of Berlusconi with his wife and headlines reading: (Italian) “Bari: Berlusconi strikes out: I never paid for women.”
9. Wide of Piazza Venezia in central Rome
10. Medium shot people of walking
11. SOUNDBITE: (Italian) Woman, no name given, Vox pop:
“We should all be ashamed as Italians, to be represented by such an individual”
Q: “What do you think he is going to do?”
“He’s clutching at straws, as usual. His public image has not been positive for long time, and we as Italians should be aware of it, but we don’t seem to be smart enough.”
12. Wide of Palazzo Grazioli, Berlusconi’s Rome residence
13. Close up Italian flag on Grazioli Palace
14. SOUNDBITE: (Italian) Antonio, no last name given, Vox pop:
“Apart from the fact that there is for sure some manoeuvring (against Berlusconi), it’s about time that the people and these (opposition) politicians mind their own business, because what Berlusconi does in his private time it’s his own business, the important thing is that he shows to be a honest person in administering the country.”
15. Medium shot street scene central Rome
16. Medium shot entrance to Palazzo Grazioli
17. Wide shot Palazzo Grazioli
Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi has told a gossip magazine he has never paid a woman for sex, as he continues to be dogged by suspicions
stemming from his purported fondness for young models and starlets.
Berlusconi gave his first direct response to the claims in an interview with Chi magazine that was published on Wednesday. Previously, he had simply dismissed as “garbage” and a smear campaign reports that an acquaintance of his had paid at least three women to attend parties at his residences.
“I have never paid a woman,” Berlusconi was quoted as saying in the interview. “I never understood what the satisfaction is when you are missing
the pleasure of conquest.”
Berlusconi said that Patrizia D’Addario, the model at the centre of the claims, was “very well paid” to make the allegations, which have prompted
an investigation in the southern city of Bari into the local businessman accused of recruiting and paying the women.
In a statement to the ANSA news agency, D’Addario denied she had been paid to mount a scandal.
Berlusconi has been on the defensive ever since his wife announced several weeks ago she was divorcing him, citing his selection of young starlets and showgirls for European Parliament elections and his presence at the birthday party of an 18-year-old model in Naples.
expenses. He said Berlusconi didn’t know the expenses were paid.
in Florence and Bologna and kept the province of Turin as well.

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