Proverbs 26:20-28/Where there is no gossip arguments come to an end

Don’t be a fool
Proverbs 26:20-28

Where there is no fuel
a fire goes out;
where there is no gossip
arguments come to an end.

Troublemakers start trouble,
just as sparks and
fuel start a fire.

There is nothing so delicious
as the taste of gossip!
It melts in your mouth.

Hiding hateful thoughts
behind smooth talk
is like coating a clay pot
with a cheap glaze.

The pleasant talk of an enemy
hides more evil plans than
can be counted-
so don’t believe a word!

Everyone will see through
those evil plans.

If you dig a pit,
you will fall in;
if you start a stone rolling,
it will roll back on you.

Watch out for everyone
who tells lies and flatters-
they are out to get y