[Perf] Rainbow – Not Your Girl (SS501 U R Mand Reply Song) 01.17.10

i love the perf @ inki..
the soundsystem is better than the other musicshows… and the screen too 🙂
jisook’s tummy got all my attention.. btw… … the girls are soooooo skinny…
i used to think hyunyoung was a but chubby… but its just the other girls are really skinny…

fact !!!
This song is composed by Han SangWon who also composed for SS501s U R Man. The song U R Man expresses a mans feelings about not being able to forget and missed the girl who left him, Not Your Girl is a song that sings about a girl who has no choice but to leave the guy. It is a reply song to U R Man.

Rainbow made a hit with TongTong Dance and BoBo Dance during the activities for their title song Gossip Girl, they will have a yogoyogo choreograph for Not Your Girl.

Credits : SPN + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

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