New Girl: A Quirky Game of Trivia and A Whole Lot More from Pressman Toy

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New Girl: A Quirky Trivia Game is a board game from Pressman based on the FOX sitcom series New Girl. The game is divided into five rounds including three trivia rounds, a “Shenanigans” round, and a “Songs” round. Cards will be laid out in five piles at the bottom of the game board to help guide you through the different rounds.

The game starts with a round of trivia. The shortest player starts the game by drawing a New Girl Trivia card from the first pile. Draw a multiple-choice card and try to answer. Use the reveal lens to see if your response is correct. If so, move one space on the board game. If it was wrong, you must announce to your competitors that it was wrong and the remaining players can then compete to answer the question. The first player to place their Feeling Stick card on Jess’ face on the game board gets to answer. Draw a Surprise Crazy Card and you must do the action on the card in order to move two spaces. If you elect not to do the action, the other players can again steal the card from you to move ahead on the board game. Players will get another chance at trivia in rounds three and five.

In the Shenanigans round, players take turns drawing cards and reading off the crazy scenarios inspired by the New Girl characters. Players then, on the count of three, shout out which of their fellow players (or themselves) they think is most likely to do the action stated on the card. Players then advance one space for each player who agreed with them, not counting themselves.

In the Songs round, players draw cards and fill in the blanks on the cards. One player draws a card from the deck and reads aloud to the first blank. Then the first player to throw down his/her Feeling Stick Card on Jess’ picture gets to fill in the first blank. The reader then continues to read until the second blank and players again compete to throw down their Feeling Stick Card first to compete the blank. But this time that player can either read the whole card, including the other players’ first fill-in, to advance one space or sing it to advance two spaces. The other player can also advance one space.

Play continues until one player reaches the Finish line. If more than one player reach the final space at the same time, they can all go out on a date together, or so says the game rules.