My Take on USA Cable Entertainment Logo

Sometimes, you have to do a logo that is not from the major five film companies. This one is a television logo though it is owned by one of the major companies. Surprised that nobody done this logo. Maybe it’s because of the flag transition in this logo. The general idea is easy. Used the curves to make the flag and traced the USA logo and made some writing animation. However, it’s pretty hard in execution. I’ve recently made some modifications to it so it will look more smoother.

Also, the video file was longer than the original so I have to edit the sounds so it will sound longer. The wind sound at the end was also featured because well, it’s a flag and flags wave in the wind. Speaking of waves, I used the wave modifier for the end animation so it will wave like a flag. Anyway, I quite like the final result here.

-Blender 3D 2.77 for the animation.
-FL Studio 12 for the reverb bit.
-Sony Vegas Pro 12 for adding the sounds.