[MV/HD] SPICA (스피카) – Painkiller [K-Pop March 2012]

Artist: SPICA (스피카)
Repackage Album: ‘Painkiller’
Release: Video (2012.03.28) & Repackage Album (2012.03.29)
Language: Korean (한국어)
Genre: Pop, R&B
Label: B2M Entertainment

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☆ Members ☆

Jiwon (지원) / Yang Ji Won (양지원)
Date of birth: 1988.04.05
Position: Vocalist
~ Former GOOD! EMG trainee.
~ Former member of Five Girls.
~ Former Core Contents Media Trainee.
~ Former member of T-ara.

Narae (나래) / Park Na Rae (박나래)
Date of birth: 1988.02.23
Position: Vocalist
~ She was a contestant of the TV-show Superstar K.

Boa (보아) / Kim Bo Ah (김보아)
Date of birth: 1987.01.14
Position: Leader, Main Vocalist, Rapper
~ Former LOEN trainee.
~ Worked as a vocal trainer for Sweetune.
~ Infinite’s (인피니트) vocal trainer.

Juhyun (주현) / Park Joo Hyun (박주현)
Date of birth: 1986.11.29
Position: Vocalist, Rapper
~ Featured in 허영생’s solo single “LET IT GO”.

Bohyung (보형) / Kim Bo Hyung (김보형)
Date of birth: 1989.03.31
Position: Lead Vocalist
~ Former JYP and YG trainee.
~ Rumored to have been in the initial line-up of girl group 2NE1.

☆ About SPICA ☆

Official fanclub name: Mercury

“Spica (Hangul: 스피카, stylized as SPICA) is a five-member South Korean girl group currently under B2M Entertainment. The group made their official debut in January 10, 2012, with their digital single ‘독하게’. The music video sparked high interest, as their fellow label-mate Lee Hyori made an appearance.

On January 31, 2012, B2M Entertainment officially announced that the group would have their formal debut with a mini album, titled ‘Russian Roulette’. A music video teaser for ‘Russian Roulette’ was released the following day. The full-length music video was released on February 7, 2012. Promotions for ‘Russian Roulette’ began two days later on M! Countdown.The lyrics of the song were later modified in order to meet MBC’s broadcasting standards.

The group released a repackaged EP titled Painkiller, on March 29, 2012, promoting the title track of the same name.

On the July 9 recording of July 14’s MBC Radio Younha’s Starry Night, member Bohyung revealed that the group “had a meeting today, we are going to prepare it [the new album] in late July and make comeback in August”. On July 16, it was announced by B2M Entertainment through the group’s fan cafe that their official fanclub name is Mercury (Hangul: 머큐리). A poll had been created to determine the name of the fanclub, using various suggestions from the fans, and the name Mercury won. Furthermore, the leader of the group, Boa tweeted simply “머큐리!!” on the same day.”

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Tracklist (1st Repackage ‘Painkiller’):

01. ‘Painkiller’
02. ‘화 (火)’ ☞ Translation: ‘Fire’
03. ‘Up N Down’
04. ‘Russian Roulette’
05. ‘No More’
06. ‘일기장’ ☞ Translation: ‘Diary’
07. ‘독하게’ ☞ Translation: ‘Intensely’
08. ‘Painkiller (Inst.)’

Purchase ‘Painkiller’ on YesAsia (US$10.99, 8 Tracks):

YesAsia editorial description:
“Hailing from the same agency as Lee Hyori, newcomer girl group SPICA is formed by Yang Ji Won, Park Na Rae, Kim Boa, Park Joo Hyun, and Kim Bo Hyung. Aiming to be the brightest star in the sky, the group’s first mini album features songs by sweettune and the Marcan Entertainment team. After impressing with ‘Russian Roulette’, Spica follows up with the new R&B number ‘Painkiller’. Their first repackage also includes all the tracks from the original album.”
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