Multicouples – The Proof of Your Love (+ nessa007productions)

I’m nominated again this year on Video Editors Awards in two categories:
– Long Lasting Vidder
– Best Coloring
If you could vote for me, it would mean the world to me, so if you think i deserve it, please vote for me here:

Once again i had the opportunity to collab with this amazing girl who always hosts the best collabs 🙂 I always love working with Nessa not only because she’s one of my closest friends here but also because she is such an incredible vidder 🙂 I’m SO happy with the result of this collab, i love everything about this and both our editing styles work beautifully together 🙂

Thanks so much for asking me to make this sweetie and i really hope we’ll be able to collab again soon 🙂

And please everyone don’t forget to subscribe to Nessa if you aren’t already because you’re missing A LOT 🙂 Please check her out:

Nessa’s Couples:
Jack&Rose (Titanic)
Lizzie&Darcy (Pride and Prejudice)
Katniss&Peeta (The Hunger Games)
Chuck&Blair (Gossip Girl)
Castle&Beckett (Castle)
Pat&Tiffany (Silver Linings Playbook)
Peter&Gwen (The Amazing Spiderman)
Nick&Jess (New Girl)
Noah&Allie (The Notebook)
Sam&Andy (Rookie Blue)
Emma&Dexter (One Day)
Brian&Mia (Fast and Furious)
Grace&A.J. (Armageddon)
Will&Elizabeth (Pirates Of The Caribbean)
John&Savannah (Dear John)
Danielle&Henry (Ever After)

My couples:
Caroline&Matt (TVD)
Katherine&Stefan (TVD)
Melanie&Jared (the Host)
Gannicus&Sibyl (Spartacus)
Damon&Elena (TVD)
Cas&Dean (Supernatural)
Jeff&Annie (The Community)
Colter&Christina (Source Code)
Anna&Jeremy (TVD)
Cesare&Lucrezia (The Borgias)
Ron&Hermione (Harry Potter)
John&Angela (Constantine)
Barnabas&Angelique (Dark Shadows)
Harry&Ginny (Harry Potter)


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