Multicouples II "I'll be your crying shoulder" (+Christina DasdGian)

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OMG,OMG i can’t believe that finally we finished this absolutely amazing collab.I am so happy and proud for this video….i really adored the idea that i worked with this absolutely brilliant girl!!!! ♥ ♥ She is just fantastic and trully talented!!!!Thank you so much my sweet Christina for gave me the chance to work with you!!!!Love you…you are one of my best friends here and it would be my pleasure to make another collab together in the future!!!!!
Go check her channel!!!!She is really awesome!!!! ♥ ♥

My couples:
♠ D’Artagnan and Constance
♠ Athos and Milady
♠ Hook and Emma
♠ Tommy and Lidy
♠ Kit and Cinderella
♠ Jamie and Claire
♠ Matt and Karen
♠ Darcy and Lizzie

Christina’s couples:
♠ Hanna and Caleb
♠ Stefan and Elena
♠ Haley and Nathan
♠ Chuck and Blair
♠ Alex and Rosie
♠ Jamie and Dylan
♠ Klaus and Caroline
♠ Stiles and Lydia

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♠ Coloring: Christina DasdGian
♠ Song: At the beginning of the video
♠ Fandoms: TW,Daredevil,The Musketeers,TVD,Pretty little Liars, Gossip girl,OUAT,Pride and Prejudice,Outlander,Love Rosie,Friends with benefits,One tree hill

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