Multi-Couples ("Not Meant to Be") – 11 Vidder Collab ["Someday We'll Know" by New Radicals]

Voiceovers transcribed at the bottom of the description.
This turned out great. I didn’t participate in the collab but I enjoyed hosting it.

Special thanks to EverySongEndsStudios & PinkRosePictures2 who filled in at the last minute and helped make this collab go up! 😉

My Sony Vegas actually let me render it in HD in 1 try. Yay. 😉 My computer didn’t mess it up either by overheating.

So… enjoy! I hope you all like my coloring. Everyone added their own watermarks- I said right corner but 2 people did left, oh well. I didn’t double check any parts as they were sent in so I guess it’s partially my fault for not making sure people were following the rules. Hopefully people don’t find it too distracting. 😉

Song: Someday We’ll Know
Artist: New Radicals

Part 1: ampy009 – Hanna & Lucas (Pretty Little Liars)
Part 2: ItalianRory – Jeremy & Anna (The Vampire Diaries)
Part 3: itsjackiebiitch – Adam & Diana (The Secret Circle)
Part 4: ZmaXcharmvill3 – Lois & A.C. aka Arthur Curry/Aquaman (Smallville)
Part 5: weightlesspretending – Rachel & Jesse (Glee)
Part 6: iNewbieJD – Emma & Graham (Once Upon a Time)
Part 7: PinkRosePictures2 – Sherlock & Irene (Sherlock)
Part 8: marilushorty – Paige & Kyle (Charmed)
Part 9: TheLivelovelaughmore – Nate & Serena (Gossip Girl)
Part 10: lbchatterbox – Justin & Rebecca (Brothers & Sisters)
Part 11: EverySongEndsStudios – Dean & Lisa (Supernatural)

Hanna: You’re not who I thought you were.

Hanna: No! Don’t come any closer!

Graham: I remember.

Kyle: I understand now that my life was supposed to end the way that it did, how it did; it was my destiny. Just like it was our destiny to meet; to fall for each other.
Paige: To lose each other?
Kyle: Who says we’re not gonna meet again?

Rebecca: I’m trying to compromise!
Justin: What? No, you’re not trying to compromise!

Rebecca: I have to go.
Justin: And you think we can survive this separation?