Lion Family USA | Robot Goes Crazy | Family Kids Cartoons

What is that lion cub hears?
Sounds like grinding gears
Lion cub, something’s wrong
This shouldn’t take very long
The problem is right here
Cobwebs stuck in each gear
Vacuum and a shake-aroo
Are what I need to help you
Yep, everything is stuck
Okay vacuum start to suck
Each gear gets a scrub
Oh hello there, Lion cub
Hit you with a bubble blast
I am safe at last
Spider is out of my hair
But more come from everywhere
Baby spiders! Stand back!
They don’t want to attack?
Lion cub, be our mom
Hello hello, My name’s Tom
Spider family, take a walk
Do you like this old clock?
We love this thing
Climb along the spider string
Thank you Lion Cub, a lot
I will go clean my bot
Vacuum a cobweb or two
My friend is good as new
When Lion Cub comes out
The robot lets out a shout