i was too wild I peter&wendy

I just reached 2k+ subs which is super cool so to celebrate here is a little video. peter/wendy ended up in sixth place on the poll so they’re not gonna be part of Birthday Week so I decided to make a little video for them anyway. forgive the shitty masking.

this is kind of an au mix of the book, the ouat show, and that really dark peter/wendy video I did years ago. i guess story is ten years after the book, wendy is grown up and thinking about getting married when she finds herself in neverland again and peter is older too. there are feelings and it’s all messy. i’m incapable of giving these two a happy ending.

inspiration for this were these amazing videos:


coloring: green wonderland by queensofdisaster
footage: east of kensington, ouat, peter pan, to the bone, snow white and the huntsman, pirates of the carribean 4, les miserables, the vampire diaries, the original diaries, the white queen, great expectations, stuck in love, gossip girl