Hunger Games Fan Name Official: 'Tributes'

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Hey hey people! Welcome back to ClevverTV. Dana Ward here in Hollywood and we just got word that the fan name for Hunger Games devotees has been selected. The fan site, HGGirlOnFire conducted a poll where more than 82-hundred users took part in answering the question, ‘which nickname would you prefer for The Hunger Games Fandom?’. And now that the results are in, the fans have spoken. Earning 51-percent in the runoff between Tributes and Mockingjays, the name TRIBUTES took the edge and won out. About a month ago, we asked ClevverTV viewers to weigh in and let’s just say the opinions varied significantly. As of today, 52 LIKES went to the comment saying any name like District 12, Rebels or the ones in the poll should be chosen in order to support the book and the hatred for the capitol, so definitely NOT jabberjays. In fact, a ton of people said YAY to Rebels and a bunch of people thought we were making a Twilight reference… which we’re not. THIS is about Hunger Games and HG only. That’s why the fan site made the poll in the first place. So now that the fans have voted on Tributes, are you going to support your fellow fans on this one? Let us know right here, and be sure to subscribe to our show at so you can get all of the Hunger Games scoop you can handle. I’m Dana Ward and we’ll catch ya next time.