How Does The Bachelorette Show Work?

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Hey there, Bachelorette fans. I’m Heidi Suke from Wetpaint Entertainment, here to inform the newbies about how The Bachelorette works. If you’re just joining the fan club or want a basic rundown on one of our favorite shows, here’s our little primer.

The Bachelorette is a two-hour competitive reality TV dating show that airs Monday nights on ABC. It’s actually a spinoff of The Bachelor, which debuted in 2002. On the first season of The Bachelor, Alex Michel chose bachelorette Amanda Marsh over Trista Rehn. America fell in love with runner-up Trista and ABC decided to help her find true love by making her the first Bachelorette.

The Bachelorette Season 1 debuted in 2003 and it actually did have a happy ending. Trista married her chosen one, Ryan Sutter, and they are still together.

To date there have been seven seasons of The Bachelorette, with all bachelorettes chosen from previous seasons of The Bachelor. The shows are usually taped in about two months and the most recent seasons have aired for about 11 weeks, starting in May and ending in August. Rosemaster Chris Harrison has been the host for every season, as well as all 15 seasons of The Bachelor — which usually starts its own season the first week in January — and the franchise’s summer all-stars spinoff, Bachelor Pad.

Like The Bachelor, The Bachelorette features one star who gets to date 25 or sometimes 30 contestants, searching for the one who will hopefully end the show as their fiancee. Each week the Bachelorette has at least one individual and one group date with her bachelors and hands out roses to the men she wants to keep. At the end of each show there is a rose ceremony where the Bachelorette hands out a certain number of remaining roses, in addition to the roses she’s handed out on the dates.

Each week she hands out fewer roses, whittling her field of bachelors until a final rose ceremony between the final two contestants. Before she gets to that point, the bachelorette usually travels the world with her bachelors, visits the hometowns of the final four, goes on exotic overnight dates, with her final three and has her final two meet her own family.

Before the finale, there’s a special episode called The Men Tell All, where the rejected bachelors come together in front of a studio audience to answer host Chris Harrison’s questions and, often, confront each other on their actions during the show.

On the finale itself, it’s traditional for the final man to propose to the Bachelorette and she either accepts or kicks him to the curb. But she usually accepts.

Right after viewers watch the finale — which is taped a couple of months ahead of time — we see another special called After the Final Rose, which is usually taped just a week or so before the finale airs. During this special, the final couple returns in front of a studio audience and Chris Harrison to talk about how things have been in the two or three months they’ve had to keep their relationship a secret while the show airs.

We hope that gives you some idea of how the show works. If you want more info, head to our Facebook page at and start catching up on our recaps, polls, top 10 lists and other fun content. You’ll be an expert in no time. See you soon, rose lovers!