Happy New Year By Anamta Kamal, behind the scenes gossip

Anamta Kamal (born August 8, 1991) from Lucknow is now fulfilling her sufi – dream to become a singer. The young talent started singing at the age of 6. Winning competitions like ‘Abhilasha in 2008’ which is a National competition. Following which, she recorded a song along with singer Vinod Rathod for the film ‘Kehu Se Na Kahiha’ (a regional film) in 2012. She has composed and sang for the album ‘Saifai Ki SarZameen’ written by Begum Sabiha Kamal and further a theme song for’Lucknow Mahotsav’ in 2013. She has composed and sang for Kingfisher Strong backstage 2013, the song written by anamta’s mother, Begum Sabiha Kamal. She has sung with leading Bollywood singers and has just finished recording a song composed by Monty Sharma for an upcoming bollywood film.

She has been trained under Ustad Gulshan Bharti (Lucknow Gharana) and is currently pursuing Visharad from Bhatkandey University in Lucknow, India

Anamta says, “My Mumma has always been my inspiration and she has lot of songs she’s already written for me”. And today “her only passion is coming up with a new tune every time for their already famous Jugalbandi Jodi in the golden city of Lucknow (and she starts humming one). Lucknow which is famous for its urdu literature, is also home to renowned music composer Late Nausahd Ali and eminent Ghazal singer Begum Akhtar.