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This is the story of a Gujjar Bakrwal family. This family has been traveling continuously for 14 days. They have a large number of horses and goats. These people travel in a group. This group consists of 4 to 5 families. This group of goats includes women, children and the elderly. Their women are also very brave and tough. These women walk step by step with the men of their family.They are currently camped at Hans Chowki on the outskirts of Dhirkot Tehsil in Pakistan-administered Kashmir. Hans Chowki is located on the outskirts of Dhirkot Tehsil of Kashmir. Hans Chowki is a beautiful place. And there is a special place for these goats. They pile up there.
The purpose of this video is to tell about the living conditions of Bakrwal family. How Bakrwal family lives. What are their problems?