Grub Girls Trivia Contest Prizes part 1

Hi, I’m Rob A.K.A. Midnightkitty.
I won the Grub Girls’ Trivia Contest, and I would like to show you all what I won.
I’m starting with Samyang Buldak Hot Chicken Flavor Sauce: taste of sweet chicken flavor with just the right amount of heat. 10 / 10, will buy again; how did I live without this sweet nectar?
Please excuse the absence of a few of the items that came in the prize basket, the videos somehow got lost, but let me tell you about them:

Durian candies: taste of rotten onions with sugar. I didn’t even bite into the candy ( spit it out after around 10 seconds of rolling it on my tongue ) but ended up with heartburn and acid reflux the rest of the day. The smell wafting out of the open bag of candies became overwhelming and we had to get rid of them. 0 / 10 would not recommend.

Samyang Hot Chicken Flavor Zzaldduk: taste of sweet chicken flavor sauce ( same taste as Samyang Buldak Hot Chicken Flavor Sauce ) noodle – shaped snacks. Nice chew and a decent amount of heat. 10 / 10 would recommend.

Nong Shim Banana Kick Banana Snack: taste of banana – flavored candy. Nice and light and chewy. Delightful. 10 / 10 would recommend.