Freshhh Fitness @ The African Entertainment Awards USA

3rd Annual African Entertainment Awards, USA. Hosted by Clifford Owusu Red carpet interviewer Alisha Lee.

In this segment Alisha Lee Interviews Freshhh Fitness (comedian)
Trevor Noah is his favorite comedian.

The African Entertainment Awards, USA founder Dominic Tamin believes. that tomorrow we will celebrate a New Africa. Because we choose TODAY to create a One Africa.

Our Mission
To use entertainment as a vehicle to support, celebrate, promote, and uplift the achievements and advancements of all Africans and Africans in the Diaspora through all entertainment forms.

Our Vision
We are creating a New Africa; One Africa. We use entertainment as a platform, to showcase an Africa that is united, self-sufficient, and willing and able to evoke social change that matters most in the communities of Africans and Africans in the Diaspora world-wide.
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