English/Nat Fur flies as naughty Naomi forgets naked promise

Supermodel NAOMI CAMPBELL has been accused of ‘gross hypocrisy’ after trailing down the New York catwalk of OSCAR DE LA RENTA’s latest show in a wolf-skin coat.

The American designer is engaged in a long campaign to rehabilitate the use of fur in high fashion and had recruited the ultra famous model for his show to wear fur.

But absent minded Naomi seems to have forgotten that she once stripped for a poster campaign organised by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) under the headline ‘I’d rather go naked than wear fur.’

She, along with a clutch of other supermodels, gave her backing to the largely successful PETA campaign to make the use of fur in fashion unacceptable. All the supermodels who took part vowed never to wear fur again.

But since the 1995 poster, Naomi has been seen modelling fur at several shows. Her latest snub to the PETA campaign brought a strong condemnation from the group.

PETA spokeswoman Stephanie Bawor said, ‘Naomi Campbell is a shallow, egotistical hypocrite. Whatever next from this freak, bringing back gorilla hand ashtrays?’

Campbell’s dress was fuchsia satin with a fur-trim and part of Oscar de la Renta’s combination of elegance and practicality.

Even if his moneyed clientele have never set foot on the ski slopes, they’ll be stepping out for soirees in fanciful, embroidered ball skirts – with snow parkas.

As the fashion openings continued, de la Renta showed colourful evening wear that women could imagine in their wardrobes – if home happens to include a Fifth Avenue drawing room.

“The whole point of women dressing today is there are no (final) frontiers for what is for day or evening,” de la Renta said after his show.

“Anoraks are versatile, great with a pair of jeans or an evening dress.”

This year’s New York fashion week is being held ahead of — instead of behind — shows in London, Paris and Milan.

The U-S industry hopes the move will help give it an edge over the European competition.

Elsewhere NICOLE MILLER showed her latest collection for women that took its inspiration from a very unusual source – her young son’s wardrobe.

Miller’s latest collection combined splashes of vivid colour, blues and reds, alongside the more sedate greys and blacks of the usual Miller looks.

Unsually she took modern materials and used them to create elegant evening wear. This was classic Miller, but with more than a few nods towards to new, bold and modern.

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