Entertainment Tonight News About The Death of Jeff Porcaro 1992

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A video on the Entertainment Tonight news about Jeff Porcaro Death were the widow Susan Porcaro debunks the theory that the death of Jeff Porcaro was caused by the use of cocaine. It also includes a report on the concert that was held in December 14th, 1992 at the Universal Amphitheater in L.A in memory of Jeff Porcaro.

So this video is already on Youtube but the quality is horrible in the sense that it’s debatable whether is watchable or not, so I recently got ahold of a copy that was in better quality and without the annoying white rectangles that appeared on screen, but the picture quality was still very noisy and in black and white, so I decided to clean the noise with a Artificial Intelligence to make it better, but this time I decided to go one step ahead and also add color to the video with another AI that adds color to black and white video, and while the results are not perfect, it really enhances the scenes where Susan is being interview.

Original 2007 Youtube video:

Unedited clip that I got:

AI video Upscaler:

Color AI: