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I’m nominated in the Video Editor’s Awards this year and it’d mean so much to me if you voted for me if you think I deserve it! Thank you so much for everything you guys do 🙂

Happy Birthday Karolina!

So sorry I’m so late hun! I really hope you had an amazing birthday and got everything you wished for! I know this is a bit random for a birthday gift but hopefully you’ll know quite a few of the fandoms in this, I just really wanted to make something for you to wish you a happy birthday! You’re such an amazing person and an incredible vidder, so I hope you had a fantastic day!!! 😀 Happy birthday hun!

Happy Birthday Sara!

Happy Birthday hun! I know we don’t talk that much but you seem like such an amazing person and you are so talented, I love your videos! I really wanted to make you something for your birthday and I really hope you’ll like this and that you’ll know most of the fandoms haha I hope you had an amazing day and got everything you wished for! Happy Birthday!

Make sure to subscribe to them, you won’t regret it I promise!! They’re both so epic! 😀

I couldn’t get this to render without glitches unfortunately I did try but every time something else was wrong so I just decided to upload it haha this is an extremely random video but I decided I wanted to do a quote video again because I haven’t done one in a while and it was originally going to be just One Tree Hill but then I decided I really wanted to do a multifandom so voilà this happened!! It’s actually two quotes mixed together so it probably makes zero sense but I had a lot of fun making it and so I’m happy with it 😀

Oh and yes my obsession with this colouring has returned! It’s from HazelTutorials 😀

Hope you’ll like this!! After collab parts I shall try to start watching subscriptions or tackling the inbox, haven’t decided yet haha

Love you!
Amanda xxx


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