NOTE: For the crossover video you are allowed to use on show that I have chosen for example gossip girl and one I haven’t for example Supernatural.

Hey all!
I have decided to make a contest! 🙂
It has to be a NEW video! You can enter 3 videos, one for each category.

Fandoms you can use; One tree Hill, Veronica Mars, Gossip Girl, Grey’s anatomy, Chuck, House, The O.C, Smallville.

This contest is about challenging yourself to become a better videomaker.
This means that I want you to be creative and original!

I have 3 different categories you can enter;

Best Anti video – This means anti-character, couple or friendship, you choose.
Best crossover – This means a video with characters from different shows, show me how creative you can be, can of course be AU. For the crossover video you may use one show that I have chosen, and one that I haven’t.
Best AU – The best and most creative AU story, can contain characters from different shows.

Special awards (that every video competes for);

Best look – This means the whole look of the video
Best use of song – How well the song fits with the concept and the clips
Favorite video – My favorite video of the bunch
I will give awards to the winners, but the main goal of this competition is to challenge youself. Have fun! The deadline is August 12th. I am excpecting great videos from all of you!

Post the videos as responses to this one.

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