Chuck Bass – Where Do I Even Start? (link to full vid in db)

I have alot of emotions that come with this vid. I suggested the song, voted for it in the poll, and was BEYOND excited when it was presented as a Chuck collab. Unfortunately for me, my life got busy and I missed the deadlines. TWICE. Miraculously I still got to take part in it, but b/c I was so late I got stuck with these crappy instrumental parts. *sigh* I will just have to make my own Chuck vid to this song someday… Tbh, I’m extremely surprised one of my parts ended up in the preview. Not that I did horribly or anything, but it’s pretty much the least important part in the whole song. (Not to mention I regretfully succumbed to some whining and crying about not getting what I wanted to the hosts of the group – NOTE: This is not the norm. I just really wanted a part with lyrics in this specific vid very, VERY badly.) As you can see, yes, I’m still bitter about this. But even after I told the hosts I was dropping out of the collab, I changed my mind b/c I wanted to do this vid for SO LONG, and I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t participate AT ALL.

My personal issues aside, go check out this vid. It’s FANTASTIC. Everyone did a really great job. Just make sure to take a box of tissues with you when you go. It’s a tear jerker. Literally got me legit depressed for at least an hour after I watched it (though maybe my own issues added to that too XD).


full vid link: