Celebs Who Can't Stand Meghan Markle

Falling in love with a prince can be a fairytale dream come true. It’s why tabloids and the press jump on a story involving a prince and princess’s courtship. The public will eat it up.

When Megan Markle and Prince Harry started dating, the public couldn’t get enough of them. Megan Markle went from being an actress to possibly being part of royalty. Markle received the support of other celebrities, but not from everyone.

Marrying a prince in some ways is not always a dream come true. Sometimes, it means you’ll automatically have a list of haters. Watch this video to find out the celebs who can’t stand Meghan Markle.

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Wendy Williams | 0:00
Piers Morgan | 1:31
Katie Hopkins | 2:29
Chrissie Swan | 3:36
Her ex-husband | 3:58

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