BP / Never say never & NEWS!

UPDATE: change of plans! really exciting plans! 😀 I´m gonna make this video with my good friend Amber (SVfan4evr) so you guys will have fun guessing which part made who 😛

Hey, I know I suck for having so many previews lol for some reason I can´t seem to finish videos fast these days 🙁
I already have to other videos in the works!

LP/BL/Tender (for this one I´m getting some BL scenes I don´t have)
LP/Wires (I need to wait for new episodes :D)
and now BP/Never say never (I´m pretty sure I will finish this video first)

I promise I will focuse on these 3 videos now and stop starting new ones 😛

and I also wanted to share something with you guys!
I ´m one of the top 5 finalists in the Pedestrian contest made by SouthernGothicNews (managed by the awesome girls Amber and Portia, thank you! :D)

if you haven´t yet, subscribe to their channel!

and also visit the official blog of this awesome production company:

and now back to the contest,
you will find the 5 entries and all the details of the contest here:

when you´re done watching vote for the one you think deserves to win here:

thank you all! 😀