Blair Waldorf Fashion: How to dress like Gossip Girl's Queen B

If you have admire the gossip girl and Blaor Waldorf fashion for as long as I have I am sure you have wanted to dress like Blair at some point. Gossip Girl goes down as the most iconic fashion tv series ever, and Blair Waldorf’s sophisticated style is one we all aspire for. So, in today’s episode of Style It Up with Annie Chopra we are talking about how to dress like Gossip Girl’s Queen B, Blair Waldorf. I will walk you through the type of clothes she wears, how she accessorizes and even show some pieces from my own wardrobe for a more realistic view.

Here is my “What I would wear If I was in Gossip Girl” video link, enjoy:

Do comment below what your favourite tip was, what you would like to see next, and maybe post a picture of your own Blair Waldorf fashion look.

Thanks for watching.