BGRDC PRESENTS: Trivia Tuesday (2021 #10) – Live Quiz & Fun Chat!

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£10 each including UK Post.

If you’re outside the UK & you want a calendar please contact me before purchase as unfortunately postage is not included outside of the UK.

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Trivia Tuesday is a weekly quiz & fun chat and hopefully a way to raise some funds for various charities.

Each week there will be 3 rounds of 10 questions the winner of each question will get a big girl point & the the winner of each round will get a big girl win, the win points will be tracked on a leader board and when you have 5 win points I will donate £5 to charity of your choosing.


1. I will take the name of the first person it shows in the chat to me, please be aware that your name may show further up then I see it as it sends instantly to you but has to travel though the atmosphere to get to me.

2. Answers in full, though I will allow slight spelling errors.

3. My decision is final.

Other than that enjoy & have fun.

Total raised so far £85 for various Charities


Bad Wolf – £ £ 4
Niall Miller Clark – 3
Traceys Den – 2
Darrell The Sweat Mopper – 3
Donna Heireve – 1
Channel Nem – 2
Richard Payne – 1
Ali Evans – 1
Looby Loo – 1
Forna – 1
Funky Neil – 1
Toni Sw Journey – 1
Ashleigh Carruthers – 1
Cath Eames – 1
Michelle – 2

£5 DementiaUK
£5 Mind