Battery Powered Streetcars (Trams) in Oklahoma City, USA 2021 (This system opened in 2018)

Trams/Streetcars in the largest city in the state of Oklahoma – Oklahoma City.

Video was filmed March 21, 2021

The Oklahoma City Streetcar (OKC Streetcar), also known as the MAPS 3 streetcar, is a streetcar system in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States. The 4.8-mile (7.7 km) system serves the greater downtown Oklahoma City area using modern, low-floor streetcars, the first of which was delivered in mid-February 2018. The initial system would see two lines that connect Oklahoma City’s Central Business District with the entertainment district, Bricktown, and the Midtown District. Expansion to other districts surrounding downtown as well as more routes in the CBD is already underway. ~Wikipedia

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