#9 Serena van der Woodsen character tribute – ["Behind the Scenes" by Francesca Battistelli]

So this video is um… killing two birds with one stone, so to speak. 😉

(By the way, this video was totally inspired by the GleekyCollabs2 collab I hosted set to this same song. I’m so glad xcreativechristyx suggested the song for us and introduced me to it. And the collab is so great. I think this song fits Serena really well, and I’m glad I got to vid it for her.)

I made this both for round 2 of the “Goodbye Gossip Girl” competition here (deadline today):

And I also made this for my top 11 characters thing that my subscribers voted on.

Lorelai (from Gilmore Girls), Quinn (from Glee), and Serena (from Gossip Girl) all tied with 7 votes in “last place”. The most-voted for character amongst all of my subscribers was Emma Swan (from Once Upon a Time) – she got 15 votes. See more details on all of the winners here:

So I just decided to vid Lorelai first, and marked that vid as #11:
#11 – Lorelai Gilmore -“Domino”

And then Quinn second, and marked that vid as #10:
#10 Quinn Fabray – “Some Nights” (song cover by Tyler Ward & Alex G)

And now Serena is #9. I could’ve vidded Serena first and Lorelai last of these 3 tying characters, in which case this Serena vid would’ve been #11 and the Lorelai one #9… these numbers are more, at the moment, showing that I only have 8 left in my top 11 characters thing I’m doing.

I… I wanted to make a better Serena tribute for you guys. But I really don’t like Serena that much. She’s my least favorite of all 11 characters that won the top spots in my popularity poll lol.

I thought this contest was the perfect opportunity to be motivated enough to vid her. She might have been my favorite character in season 6 actually. And in season 1 she was tied as my #1 favorite with all 3 Humphreys and Nate… I just loved them all from the start. Over time my love for Serena waned… my top favorite characters on this show were always probably Nate & Jenny. I also really liked Vanessa (unpopular opinion I know) and Rufus and Dan most of the time but s6 kinda ruined them for me lol.

Anyway… I was told I’d be allowed to vid Serena for round 2 of the contest. Even though I don’t relate to her much at all (I probably relate to her less than like all of the other characters… lol. Well, idk. I really don’t relate to Chuck either). And she isn’t my #1 fave on the show. I do relate to her in a few ways – I do too have a complicated relationship with one of my parents, a younger brother… she wasn’t looking down on Dan for being poor and I always appreciated her for that…

The contest rules were that the video has to be at least 1:30 long… so I kind of did the bare minimum here. I made this whole video in only one day… only within about 4 or so hours. I really didn’t have much time to vid at all these past 2 weeks and I had SO MANY collab parts due – I just got a new job and it’s taking up all of my time haha but yeah I managed to get this done in time for the deadline. I think maybe if I’d added some voiceovers it might be a stronger character study tribute but that would’ve taken me more time lol. So… anyway I hope all of the Gossip Girl fans, especially the Serena fans, enjoy this.

Oh and sorry for the lack of season 6 in here! I didn’t have practically any s6 downloaded yet, unfortunately. So… oh well. I liked her more in season 6 than in seasons 3-5 and yet this video has way more s3-5 than s6. Lol.

Anyway. Enjoy!

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Song: Behind the Scenes
Artist: Francesca Battistelli